jewellery profile pic

jewellery profile pic

As long as I can remember I have always loved making and felt a need to express myself in creative ways.

My love for jewellery making started as a hobby, since I took my first evening class I have been hooked and after a few years making as a hobby I decided to take it further and enrolled on a foundation degree (at Plymouth College of Art)

Studying on the degree has widened my idea of making and design. I still enjoy to make just to get absorbed into the process, but through my studies I have started to work in a more experimental way and my designs show a lot more personal expression.

A lot of my inspiration comes from nature especially the sea having lived closed to the ocean for many years now I don’t think I could live anywhere else and the beauty of the sea shore landscape and also the diverse marine live fascinate me a lot and have a strong influence on my designs.

Although I would describe my work as contemporary my pieces also integrate a traditional feel which is inspired by my interest in historical art and culture from all around the world.

My love for travelling and curiosity of other cultures also inspire my work as a jewellery maker. Sometimes I browse flea markets and antiquity shops to find unique objects which are used for inspiration or as actual materials.

Sometimes my work starts with the idea of a design and is thought through carefully before I actually create my piece, but I also like to work in a spontaneous manner, often I get inspired by the processes and materials and the pieces take shape while I work on them.

I enjoy the effect of mixing precious and non precious materials and the aesthetic and form of my pieces are more important to me then the value of the raw materials.

Recently I have also gained a lot more awareness of sustainability in regards to my practice and I have started to use recycled silver and other natural and recycled materials.